THST Annual survey 2024

THST Annual survey 2024

An independent voice for fans

We are entirely independent of the Club. Our organisation operates democratically and with accountability, run by dedicated fans for the benefit of fans. We ensure our collective voice reaches the highest levels of influence, demonstrating that when supporters unite with a single voice, we can genuinely impact both our Club and our community.

Making a difference

From season ticket price freezes to safety, away travel, and catering, we have harnessed the strength of our collective voice to champion improvements for fans. We collaborate with other supporter organisations to promote inclusivity and empower fans from all walks of life. We actively collaborate with the broader football community to advocate for improved fan engagement and the safeguarding of fan rights.

Join us

We invite all supporters to actively engage and make their voices count. Whether you have little or ample experience and time to spare, your participation is invaluable in nurturing team spirit and fostering a sense of unity and belonging that propels both the team and the Club forward. Our every effort is dedicated to the betterment of Spurs fans. Join us to ensure your voice is heard and have your say.

Latest News

THST Annual survey 2024

The annual survey of fan opinion is now out. Thousands of you took part in last year’s survey, and we are keen to reach an ever bigger audience this time, so please...

THST News - May 2024

In this month’s newsletter there are updates on: THST’s summer party, the results of our VAR survey, the Fan Advisory Board, ticketing and concessions campaign, the success of the U21s, Fair Game’s...

VAR survey results

Spurs fans overwhelmingly want to see VAR as it is currently set up, scrapped. A poll of almost 2,000 people by the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust revealed huge concerns with the Video...

Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust

The Trust is a formal, democratic, non-profit organisation led by fans for fans. Its primary aim is to unite fans and enhance their influence over the management of their club while strengthening the connection between the club and its community.

Like a union, we believe that collective voices carry more weight than a single one. We advocate representing the interests of all fans, not just our own.

We work with the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA), our national equivalent, to address issues affecting fans across all clubs and collaborate on campaigns that affect all fans in the wider football community.

Our Trust Board members are elected annually, and any paid Trust member can run for election. These board members are fans, unpaid by THFC or any other party.

We have Working Groups for specific issues using existing skills from within the Board and developing expertise on key areas of concern.

We warmly welcome new members to join. Regardless of your available time or skills, there’s a role for you, so please don’t hesitate to get involved.


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